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Throughout pregnancy the midwives will continuously be monitoring you and your baby's well-being. They will see you on the same schedule of care that you would receive in the hospital setting. They will continuously be evaluating the safety for an out-of-hospital birth. All routine labwork and testing options are offered. To ensure client and baby safety the midwives will consult with physicians as needed and will transfer care if a higher level of care is needed.

Labor & Birth

The midwives will usually arrive to your house in active labor. They will monitor you and your baby's vitals and assist with the delivery. The midwives prefer to remain as non-interventive as possible but are trained for emergency scenarios. They are equipped with the appropriate tools and medications. They will perform a complete newborn exam and provide immediate postpartum care. They will stay at your home until both you and your baby are stable.

The midwives' main priority is the safety of you and your baby. If complications arise making the safest place for delivery in the hospital, an appropriate transfer of care will be made. In the event of an emergent transfer of care the midwife will accompany you to the hospital.


The midwives will provide routine postpartum care for you throughout the first six weeks. This is more postpartum care than you would receive in a hospital setting. They also provide routine newborn care for the first two weeks of life (or until the baby has been seen by a pediatrician) and will perform all of the available newborn screenings if desired. This includes a one-day postpartum visit in your home as well as a one-week, two-week, and six-week visit in office. Any labwork and testing will be completed as needed. The midwife will complete and submit the birth certificate and social security request for you.